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The Pandemic was a shock to everyone and it’s safe to say it hit hospitality hard. However, it maybe did bring some good to the industry. Many restaurants implemented many digital devices and tricks they perhaps wouldn’t have done before.

Here at GM Epos Systems, this month’s blog looks at how the pandemic has accelerated the use of technology in the sector. Whether it’s touchscreen EPOS systems or brand-new cash registers or even your very own online food ordering app, we can help. For more information call us on, 028 6772 1689.

How Has it Changed?

The pandemic caused a shift in the digital world, especially in hospitality. Over the past 2 years, the rise of food delivery has never been higher. With additions of click and collect or order & pay at tables. We can see many parallels now with retail.

Many restaurants probably never expected to have entered the takeaway market. Although people have now started returning to dine-in, many still prefer eating in the comfort of their own home.

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Digital Labour

Smart technology has enabled many hospitality businesses to invest in technology that takes some of the day-to-day job away from them. Examples of this include EPOS systems and integrated online booking platforms for customers to book tables or even cancel them.

A major benefit is that it can elevate the capacity of staff. Cloud based software can help behind-the-counter functions. This allows staff and management to streamline the operation side a lot better.

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Rethinking Rewards

As technology advances, many companies are starting to rethink about their loyalty programmes. Since the pandemic, many companies are trying to bring customers back into the restaurant. Reward programmes are perfect for this.

Incentivising people to come into your establishment is a brilliant way to increase footfall. The better rewards you can offer the more people will be interested. This also gives you a brilliant set of data about your customers behaviour and trends.

A New Sense of Security

Keeping customer data safe and secure should always be a priority for your business, no matter the industry. Within hospitality, using customer data has never been more important as the industry recovers.

Due to this, many companies are seeing the need to upgrade cyber protection to make sure data leaks don’t happen. For hospitality this isn’t something you would tend to associate with, however the effects of the pandemic have brought this forward.

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