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Why You Should Choose a Complete POS System for your Business

If you’re looking for a Point of Sale system, you know you have a wide range of options. In addition to the vendors in the market, you must decide on the type of POS solution to use. Unless you are running a very small business, you should go for a complete Point of Sale system.

This month’s blog at GM EPOS Systems looks at why you should choose complete POS systems for your business. Call us in Ireland on 028 6772 1689.

Inventory Management

Basic POS systems and cash registers don’t do much else beyond ringing up sales. A system with built-in stock control features is a wonderful thing. It makes it easier to track your product movements so you can make smarter decisions around purchases and sales.

The best systems even offer inventory counting so you can stay on top of stock counts.

Customer Management

Some complete POS systems also have customer management abilities. This allows you to store shopper information and even offer loyalty features so you can reward your top patrons.

All these features lead to higher levels of engagement, repeat purchases and customer loyalty.


Part of running a successful retail business lies within your data. Having the correct insights, especially when it comes to sales, product movement and customer behaviour, will lead to smarter decisions.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a POS system that can generate the reports you need. You should opt for a solution that can run the following:

  • Inventory on hand
  • Product performance
  • Low stock
  • Sale summaries
  • Sales per customer
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You Can Integrate it With Other Solutions

Another advantage to modern POS systems is that you can easily extend their functionalities through apps. A complete system should come with most of the features you need, but there are times where you need to connect it to other solutions such as:

Ecommerce Integrations – If you already have a management system for your brick-and-mortar business but also want to sell online, you can integrate your system with an ecommerce solution. Therefore, you can sell wherever you like and have revenue coming in from other channels.

Payments – With integrated payments, data can flow smoothly from one platform to the next. This eliminates the need to manually key in customer and card information at the checkout.

Accounting & Bookkeeping – By integrating your POS system to your accounting software, your financial data will stay in sync.

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For more information about why you should choose a complete POS system for your business, contact GM EPOS Systems. Call us in Ireland on 028 6772 1689 or 07836 353 425. You can also send enquiries via our contact form.

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