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How EPOS Systems Can Improve Employee Management

Keeping on top of your employee management can be difficult, especially when you have many other tasks to juggle. It can also cost you precious time and money. However, these processes cannot be overlooked. Some EPOS systems are designed to help manage your team more efficiently.

At GM EPOS Systems, this month’s blog looks at how EPOS systems can improve employee management. For more information, call us in Ireland on 028 6772 1689.

Improves Customer Service Skills

One of the main benefits to a modern EPOS system is that it allows many mobile capabilities. With a mobile POS system, employees can walk around store and interact with customers more. This not only improves customer experience but enables employees to improve their sales tactics.

Employees with great customer service skills are more likely to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Tracks Employee Hours

With EPOS systems, employees can clock in and out of the system with a secure PIN. This feature is beneficial for both managers and employees. With data from the system, managers can ensure employees are working their contracted hours and minimise time fraud.

In addition to this, employees can monitor how many hours they have worked within a time period.

Performance Tracking

One of the most effective ways to keep your employees happy is to routinely reward top performers. When an employee is rewarded for their work, morale and productivity will increase. Employees like to know that they are valued.

By using metrics provided by POS systems, you can identify top performers. You can identify:

  • Which employees generate the highest number of sales
  • Who has worked over their standard hours
  • Quota rankings

Not only can this identify top performers, but pinpoint employees that may be struggling and require extra training.

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Streamlined Training

Training is essential in maintaining a solid workforce. When introducing a POS system into your business, you should train both current and new employees.

More POS systems offer demo features which allows you to provide functional training for employees. By prioritising training, you can minimise the number of errors when using the EPOS system in a live environment.

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